Project Description

Spinal Mobilization is a repetitive, gentler form of spinal manipulation.  It is often done by hand or with a medical device called an Activator to help reduce pain, improve the spine’s range of motion, and promote the body’s natural healing process.  This technique is often utilized in patients who are advanced in age or have underlying issues with the health of their bones.

Spinal mobilization (MOB) is defined as the application of manual force to the spinal joints within the passive range of joint motion that does not involve a thrust. The goal of spinal mobilization is the same as spinal manipulation – to restore or to enhance joint function. However, unlike spinal manipulation, slow movement, usually to a firm endpoint of joint movement, is used to mobilize the joint.
Dr. Papuga may choose spinal mobilization for certain patients for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Patient preference – certain patients prefer spinal mobilization over spinal manipulation.

  • Patients with sensitive nervous systems may benefit from gentle chiropractic techniques to keep the body from overreacting and causing reactive muscle spasms.

  • Patients with some conditions may be contraindicated for spinal manipulation, such as possibly patients with advanced osteoporosis, bone pathology, some forms of deformity, and certain types of inflammatory arthritis.

  • Dr. Papuga may choose spinal mobilization for patients when they are in the acute stage of their condition and in severe pain.

  • When the positioning of the patient and the manipulation procedures are challenging for both the provider as well as the patient, which might favor a low force technique.