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NANCY FFront Desk/Supervisor
Nancy has been with Wheaton Healthcare, formerly Russeau Team Healthcare since the beginning. She enjoys spending time with family and her dog, Sugar. One of her favorite activities is to travel with her family to the Florida Keys.
DR. JOSEPH PAPUGAClinic Director/Doctor Of Chiropractic
Dr. Joseph Papuga treats patients of all ages and stages of life, including children and infants, expectant mothers, and the elderly.
STEPHFront Desk
SARAHSoft Tissue Specialist / Massage Therapist


I Came down with severe sciatic nerve pain over the holidays. My primary care doctor prescribed pain killers and suggested I try chiropractic care. This is my first experience with seeing a chiropractor and I’m thrilled with the results.  I was treated by Dr. Joe Papuga.  Joe was very friendly and professional.  He recommended some stretching exercises that enabled complete recovery. Within a few weeks, I had no pain and I had a full range of motion. Highly recommended. Thanks, Joe!

Stephan F.

I have been going to Dr. Papuga for a few months now. When I first started going I could barely walk due to the pain in my lower left side. After about 2 weeks I was able to walk, sit, run etc. without any pain! Dr. Papuga is a life saver! He is very kind and is wonderful with all of his patients.

Erica J.

Dr. Papuga is an actual miracle worker. After three years of back pain, he not only relieved 90% of my pain after the FIRST visit, but has given me exercises to do on my own to reduce pain now and prevent future flare ups. If you’re unsure about trying him, don’t be. I’ve been to chiropractors where after 13 visits over the course of a month, my pain was worse than when I initially walked through the door. I called one afternoon in tears from the pain and they had an appointment available for me the next morning! They work with my schedule to make sure I get seen consistently, even if that means opening early or staying late. Compared to other doctors that close at 5pm sharp (if you’re lucky) and are only open Monday through Friday, this is a blessing already. Having his treatment actually work long term is the miracle. 🙂 After my 3rd visit, my back pain was eliminated. I can finally walk for more than an hour without being down for the rest of the day. He works to get you better, not dependent for the rest of your life on adjustment after adjustment with no relief. This is a doctor you can trust to have YOUR best interest at the heart of his practice and it shows.

Linda S.

I can’t recommend Dr. Papuga enough! I went through 2 years of seeing many doctors and after 3 surgeries I was still trying to find an answer for the nerve pain in my arm. Nobody took the time to figure out the underlying cause until I med Dr. Papuga. He took the time to make sure that he found the root cause, not just attacking the pain where it was at. He is very thorough as well as being a good listener. He found the cause of the pain and worked to treat it effectively. If I have any other pain issue in the future, I will definitely go to see him first!

Andrew B.

I went to see Dr. Joe Papuga after having extremely bad pain in my neck, shoulders and low back due to herniated disc issues. I previously tried several other forms of therapy including steroid injections, physical therapy, massage and acupuncture and did not have any lasting relief. However, after just a few sessions with Dr. Papuga, my range of motion has improved significantly and the pain has faded. I really like that he does more than just chiropractic adjustments as he also incorporates rehab exercises and massage into each session. Furthermore he took the time to make sure I fully understood all of the exercises and that I had proper form so that I can go home and continue to self-care in between visits which has been truly invaluable. I am finally feeling better and I really can’t say enough good things about this practice and Dr. Papuga!

Alexis T.

Dr. Papuga completely changed my daily life of back pain. I had chronic back pain for 17 years before I saw him, and he seemed to immediately understand my problem. He taught me the right stretches and strategies that have helped me get through the day without pain. He’s also really easy to work with, explains things nicely, and seems to actually enjoy his job. Highly recommend!

Alexandra P.

Dr. Papuga is a highly professional and skilled chiropractor I have been seeing for several years now. I not only trust him to treat myself, but my children. He truly cares about each patient’s wellness, giving at-home exercises to strengthen and minimize the need for treatment. In short, he always makes us feel better, and I would highly recommend his practice.

Jaime W.

I was having wrist pain for months. I tried going to physical therapy but did not see any improvements. After my first visit with Dr. Papuga, I noticed that my wrist started to feel better! After a couple more visits, my wrists felt brand new. Not only is he a great chiropractor but he is also a great guy with positive energy! Highly recommend him!

Amy F.

My first ever chiropractic care visit was a few weeks ago with Dr. Papuga at Wheaton Healthcare, LLC. I had a sudden onset of significant pain in my lower back and down my leg. My husband sees Dr. Papuga regularly and suggested that I seek help at his practice. Dr. Papuga diagnosed my problem and began a course of treatment that had me feeling better that day. After a couple of weeks of treatment, my pain is gone…and I now have some exercises from Dr. Papuga in my tool kit for self care that continue to keep me pain free. I highly recommend Dr. Papuga and the staff of Wheaton Healthcare, LLC.

Robyn M.

Dr. Joe Papuga is great! I became a patient for neck pain I have been dealing with for years. I had been seeing another chiropractor and my pain was getting worse. In a few visits I could already see improvement! Dr. Papuga and his office staff are all very helpful, kind and upbeat! Highly recommend.

Jacker K.

Dr. Joe is super personable! He doesn’t offer false hope but promises to help you to the best of his ability! He evaluates you each visit and will ‘graduate’ you to further spaced out visits as warranted. He empowers you to take care of yourself! I am blessed to have found him and his amazing office staff!

Christy M.

Arrived feeling hopeless for the resolve of my chronic backache, but Dr. Papuga is a lifesaver! After just a few visits, I was already already feeling the dramatic improvement!

Robbie C

Dr. Papuga is skilled, knowledgeable, focused and caring. I had the honor of working with him and highly recommend him.

Maureen W.

At Wheaton Healthcare, Dr. Papuga knows what it takes to help you maintain or get back to good health with chiropractic care. You deserve it. If you have any questions, give us a call at 630.690.4040 or schedule your appointment today.

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