Project Description

Massage therapy is a hands-on treatment where muscles and soft tissues of the body are kneaded and
rubbed in a therapeutic way. Massage is shown to help relieve pain, relieve stress, improve the body’s
ability to move, and promote healing.

Massage therapy focuses on the spine and its relationship to nerves, muscles, and joints in the body. Treatments may localize individual nerve areas that need attention. Care may also be given to promote healing in the body by providing massage to multiple areas related to spinal health.

Chiropractic massage lends very well in promoting a general sense of health in the body. It works to train the body to help keep itself well in spite of all that we choose to throw at it in our daily activities. Chiropractic massage therapy works to consider the immediate medical needs of a client, as well as prevent future pain conditions from developing.

Massage therapy is an ideal way to prevent or ease many conditions. Improvements to the central nervous system are realized. The central nervous system is the pathway in which pain signals are sent to the brain, and through massage therapy and chiropractic treatment you may notice:

  • Improvement of the immune system’s ability to fight viruses by increasing the activity of white blood cells
  • Reduction of the compression and irritation on nerves which reduces pain in your joints and soft tissue
  • Inflammation is reduced due to increased blood flow
  • Overall flexibility and range of motion is improved