Project Description

Rehabilitative exercises are used to help the body fix improper body mechanics that are often the root to many aches and pains.   These exercises include different stretches and strengthening movements that are customized to the patient based on positive findings during the evaluation.  This is an important part of care that helps a patient stay out of pain long after treatment has ended. Benefits to rehabilitative exercises include core strengthening, postural correction, and gait correction.

Rehabilitation involves the process by which someone works to reduce pain or regain function after an injury, illness, or surgery. Rehabilitation exercises are an important part of overall recovery, and they help restore strength, range of motion, and endurance. The overall goal of rehab exercises is to restore someone to their former activity level and strength. Rehabilitation exercises are also crucial for preventing future injuries.

Gentle stretching is often one of the first exercises for injuries that a patient will perform. Stretching can be an effective way to increase flexibility and range of motion in all of the extremities. People with injuries of joints such as the ankle, knee, hip, neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist can begin to restore movement and alleviate pain.  As a patient progresses, Dr. Papuga will work through exercises designed to be more challenging, which will help build strength.

Simple equipment can also help with exercises. Resistance bands are latex bands that add resistance to movements to help patients increase strength.