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Man holding back who needs back pain treatmentNearly everyone suffers from back pain at some point. One treatment option is chiropractic care, which includes spinal manipulation (also called manual manipulation). A review of research, published in theĀ Journal of the American Medical Association, found that spinal manipulation can help relieve pain and improve function in people with acute low-back pain, one of the most common types of back pain.

Dr. Papuga treats a variety of conditions but he mainly treats spine-related conditions. It could be pain in the low back, called the lumbar spine, or in the upper back, called the thoracic spine, or it might be neck (cervical spine) pain. It could be an injury or it could be chronic. It could be related to a disc problem. It could involve leg or arm pain or headaches in addition to back or neck pain. Dr. Papuga works with other parts of the body, too such as knee injuries, shoulder injuries, but the main focus is on the spine.

People often want to try the most conservative approaches to back pain first. So before considering treatments like injections or surgery for back pain, you may want to consider chiropractic care. Much of the time, back pain does resolve.


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